Logo Design in Branding

What is a logo design?

A logo is a symbol consists of text and images that identifies the business. It defines what the company does and what the brand values.

Logo design is a virtual representation of an organization. A logo is made up of a symbol or bookmark and logotype along with a tagline.

Types of Logo Design:

Your logo is the foremost thing that the customers will see and confirm that you get it right. Here are 7 types of logos which you need to know:

  • Monogram Logos (or Lettermarks)

Monogram logos are also known as lettermarks are logos that consist of brand initials. Monograms are used to represent the organizations. A letter mark is a topography based logo that comprised of a few letters, usually a company’s initials. A letter mark is all about simplicity. By utilizing a few letters, letter mark logos are effective at streamlining any company brand if they have an extended name. The font you choose is very essential, however, make sure your logo is not only based on-theme with what your company does but is also legible when printed on business cards. For instance, how much it is easier is to say and remember IBM versus International Business Machines.

  • Word marks (or Logotypes)

Similar to a letter mark, a word mark or logo type is a font-based logo. It mainly focuses on a business’ names alone. Word marks logos really work well when a company has a succinct and distinct name. For example, Google’s logo is a great example of this. The name itself is so catchy and memorable, so when combined with strong typography, the logo helps create strong brand recognition.

Since, the focus will be on the name, you need to choose a font or create a font that defines the essence of what your business does. As an example, Fashion labels tend generally use clean, elegant fonts that feel high-end. In the same way, legal or government agencies almost always stick to traditional, heavier text that feel secure and give their organization a better definition.

  • Pictorial Marks

A pictorial mark also called a brand logo or logo symbol. It is an icon or graphic based logo. It is the image that comes to your mind when you think of logos. Examples such as the iconic Apple logo, the Target bullseye, and the Twitter bird logo each of these companies’ logos are so emblematic. Each brand is so established that the mark alone is instantly recognizable. A true brand mark is only an image. Because of several reasons, it can be a tricky logo type for new companies or those without strong brand recognition to use.

The main thing to consider before deciding to go with the pictorial mark is to find what image you need to choose. Just think about the broader implications of the image you choose.

  • Abstract Logo Marks

An abstract mark is a specific type of pictorial logo. It is a so-called geometric form that describes your business, instead of being a recognizable image like an apple or a bird. A few famous examples such as Nike, Adidas flower. Abstract Logo marks work really well because they condense your brand into a single image. It allows you to create something truly unique to represent your brand.

The benefit of an abstract mark is that you are able to convey what your company is all about without relying on the cultural implications of a specific image. You can attribute meaning and cultivate emotion around your brand through colour and form.

  • Mascots

Mascot logos are logos that involve an illustrated character. Mascot logos involve colourful and sometimes cartoonish characters and most always fun. It is the best way to create your own brand spokesperson.

It is just an illustrated character that represents your business. Mascot’s characters are more appealing to families and children and create a wholesome atmosphere and they are great for the companies.

  • The Combination Mark

It is a combination of word mark or letter mark and pictorial mark, abstract mark or mascot. The text and the picture can be placed side by side or it can be stacked on the top of each other or integrated together to create an image. The combinatorial mark is a versatile choice because it starts with an image with both text and icon working together. Some of the well-known combination marks such as Lacoste, Burger King and Doritos.

The combination mark can be easier to trademark than a pictorial mark alone because it is a combination of a symbol and a text which can create a distinct image altogether.

  • The Emblem

The emblem logo consists of a font inside a symbol or an icon. These logos give the traditional appearance and can be mainly used for schools, organizations or government agencies. The auto industry is very fond of this kind of logo. Some companies modernized the traditional emblem logo with a logo design fits for the 21st Century (e.g. Starbucks icon, Harley-Davidson famous crest).

Because of the fact that the name and symbol are rigidly entwined, they can be less versatile than the aforementioned logos. For business cards, a busy emblem may shrink because it is so small and it becomes difficult to read. However, this kind of logo won’t be able to print on shirts or hats, if you are planning for embroidering. So as per the rule, keep your design uncomplicated, you will walk away with the strong and bold look.

So, there are few benefits of having a business logo. Let’s discuss some of them as follows:

Benefits of having a Business Logo

A business logo is a core aspect of promoting your company as it gives you something to build your brand around. A logo is something that gives a company its recognition and how they want their organization to be perceived by people.

1. Brand Recognition

The logo is the first thing that people notice first about a business or a brand. The people say this picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to branding, they are right.

Having a memorable logo can stick in people’s minds. This will help your business achieve heights.

2. Increase Sales

It is the ultimate goal of every business to increase its sales, and a strong logo will be able to do that. A logo that either comes up with your business can either work for you or against you or it totally depends on how effective it is. A great logo is most likely to buy what you have to offer. Although there are many more factors to increase your company’s revenue, a logo can certainly be a great help.

3. Stand Out

No matter at what stage your company is and how good your products and services, if you don’t stand out you will never see the success you deserve. A good logo helps to catch the eye in a great way and help you to stand out among your competitors.

A quality logo that looks good on your website and on social media can make a huge difference to your reach. Once you have secured people’s interest towards yourself, you can reach heights to close your deals.

4. Makes a Strong First Impression

A logo is a company’s first impression and it is just like the first introduction of an organization. And if it is designed well it can easily grab people’s attention. The first impression is a way to communicate your product you sell or the niche you dominate.

Your logo introduces your company as an authority in your professional space from get-go.

5. Help your Marketing

A logo plays an important part in promoting your company. Brands can make themselves visible through many different ways. Think about it, you have just seen the names of the companies that owned the brands and no logo for these companies are available. Will you be able to recognize a brand there on a billboard without a logo?

Most of the time, space is given to promote the company product is limited. All you need is to use it as much as possible. For instance, a banner on a website can’t contain a full company description of a company’s brand beliefs and ethics. Instead, the use of a logo will make it clear to the user who owns the product and defines where it can be found.

6. Internet Appeal

Establishing a solid online presence is easier to do with a unique logo design. It does not how innovative and creative your website is designed, it’s your logo that will make your website stand out from the competition and makes it yours.

A few seconds are required to catch a person’s interest. An eye-captivating logo is always required to draw them in. Along with that, adding your logo into your email signature would be a great help which will provide an extra exposure.

7. Build Loyalty

The logo becomes more recognizable to the people once your business starts expanding more. More and more folks are going to know who you are and what you are all about. This will create the perception that you are trustworthy as well as accessible as an organization or business.

Brand loyalty is sure to follow, if you want to build trust with your logo.Once people start liking your business and your products, customers will automatically keep on seeing you-out.


To conclude this, having the name of a brand is not only sufficient for a business to sell their products but along with that having a perfect logo can increase its speciality and helps in expanding the business to a great extent. A log helps in brand recognition, increase sales, help in standing out from its competitors and makes a strong first impression, helps in marketing, internet appeal, however, it helps in building loyalty among people.